TopStrap in competition

Comparison of price and performance

 Many different aspects create the quality of a product. To make this comparison between different suppliers, you have to consider e different criteria. Quality of textile strapping and breaking strength is depending on the following aspects:



Yarn type:

It is important to know, if the yarn has turns or not. By turning the yarn enrich the yarn and by doing that, you increase the breaking strength.

Yarn thickness:   

If you want to compare different supplier you should identify their yarn 2880 dtex has app. 10% reduced weight and breaking strength than 3300 dtex yarn. Certainly also the price should be 10 % lower! Did the competitor tell you, which yarn he is using? We let you know, what yarn we use!



Beside the yarn, the number of ends is responsible for the breaking strength. The more ends you use, the higher is the breaking strength.

Some of the competitors use the same nomenclature as we use but build less ends into the strapping. This reduces the breaking strength without telling you. You may identify this if they tell you “we have a breaking strength of approximately…”


Our products are tested by an independent test laboratory from the Technischen Hochschule Niederrhein. You can get from us an document which certifies the breaking strength! All our products are tested.


Since October 2014 we are also certified after DIN ISO 9001:2008.This quality management system guarantees our customer, that we always produce a comparable quality.




Breaking strength of the strapping itself:  
We inform you about the breaking strength of the strapping itself. We give you the value in kg or N.


Breaking strength of the system or wrapping:
Some competitors don´t tell you the braking strength of the strapping itself but of the system which is the combination of the strapping, wrapped around the goods, plus the buckle. This breaking strength can be approximately 50% higher than the strapping itself! If the tell you, they have for WG50 a breaking strength of 450 kg, they sometime use a WGL 50 and have in real a breaking strength of the strapping of 300 to 350 kg.